Alka Rex

Alka Rex is critically acclaimed electronic music project by Alexander Kaline and Edward Krilov covering a diverse range of music styles. Alexander and Edward began shaping they musical style in early 90’s and now emphasizing on abstract and scientific minimal techno music. Alka Rex creates music with a certain experimental appeal, using unorthodox sounds, twisting and bending them to incorporate new and unexpected aspects to they music. Duo is constantly seeking new sounds and ideas, mostly from random generating music software’s, offbeat tech-funk swing and quirky rhythmic meanderings are the heart and soul of they compositions. Alka Rex taste in music is also featured in they live performances, either playing live robotic lounge funk or tearing up the floor with dynamic techno. Every set makes room for improvisation where music is re-defined, often with surprising outcomes. Releasing music works on legendary electronic labels like Mille Plateaux, Resopal Schallware, Force Inc., Musique Risque, Thema. Archipel, Airdrop, Multi Vitamins, Nervmusic. Just when you think minimal techno can't be funky, Alka Rex aim to make you abandon your preconceptions by infusing some serious funk into their techno, and surely succeeding in elevating your consciousness while making you dance like a fool.