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Thursday, November 09th 2006 Catalogue: mV 04 Genre: Down Tempo, Minimal
Multi Vitamins is back after a short break from the summer with mV 04, featuring 4 fresh producers. The A side comes at you with 2 powerful dancefloor tracks. Glitchy & groovy at the same time, another emerging talent from Argentina - Sr. Replicante remix Bruno Pronsato's “The river”, this track has already set dancefloors on fire! Next up, the youngest addition to the multi vitamins family Massi DL, from Naples, Italy - clicky, funky, smart minimal, with quirkiness added by bits and pieces of voices. The B side starts with Marco Shuttle who delivers a deep, lengthy, dark journey with elements of clickiness, but yet subtle & warm. Last but not least 'Images de Debussy' is a chill out track with variations of rhythm & piano for fans of electronica & trip hop music.
Track Listing
Bruno Pronsato - The River (Sr Replicante's Remix - Sub Urban Mix)
Massi DL - Ravanel le Prantosh
Marco Shuttle - Not Today
Sounds4peace - Images De Debussy
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