Until You’re Satisfied EP

Doudou Malicious

Monday, November 10th 2014 Catalogue: muLti07 Genre: Electronica
Feedback Sebastian Russell (Multi Vitamins, Minus): I like this song. Sounds great. Alka Rex (Thema, Musique Risque, Multi Vitamins): Different that i ever heard from you. Very nice. Dehix (Globox, Multi Vitamins): It's weird, I like it. Cesare vs Disorder (Bpitch, Serialism): interesting, who's that nice vocal? Very Princeey Rico Casazza (Release Sustain, Stock 5): Nice house tune doudou! i like the rawness and the slow groove. Tomoki Tamura (Holic): Funky Tiari (Multi Vitamins): Shits crazy man. Sounds good. Love your unique style. Le Jockey (Multi Vitamins): Really liked that track. Very mad! Kane Roth (Lesizmo:r, Little Helpers): I had a flashback when I was listening your track. It remind me lot of house music from years ago. The groove is a killer, but it's too short! Franco Bianco (Dilek, Hypercolour): This is a fucking bomb as usual from you!!! ;)))) Carlo (Neovinyl): Nice one mate! S3A (Concrete): Je ne suis pas super dans les voix (et râles) de la fille du début mais tout le reste est bien cool. C'est un peu fou, indomptable et reste efficace! Vicente Rodriguez (Junktion): Well produced track...so interesting sampling production man. good work! Pablo Marco (Viva music): It's cool, i like the vibe but is a bit breaky for my taste. i think a bit of steadiness could b nice in the middle. Sven Laux (Archipel): Nice track indeed, thanks. I like this "old school" sample approach. Miro Pajic (Items & Things): I think it's cool. good vibes. personally i think the copped samples are a little too static in a sense of being maybe a bit "electro" (?) and would play it more if it would sound a little more organic/housey more focussed on the chopped funky guitar and less of the 8th note dadadadadada (why i say electro)...like more shuffled and more dirty/housey and less electronica-ish. Jonas Sella (input Selector): A direction a bit more pop than usual, but it works well and there is a good feeling too :) Sr Replicante (Leftroom): I'm not too much in that sound now ... i left behind Circus Company days ...too much cuts 4 me …i'm getting old ...BTW Good work and sound Quality ! Jason Glanville (Release Sustain, Multi Vitamins): Wow Doudou, Super track. Franz Kirmann aka Piano Interrupted (Denovali): Il est fantastique ton morceau! Le prend pas mal hein mais ça me fait penser à Sebastian un peu le collage de samples et le côté Funk découpé. Franchement super. La prod' est impécable, super patatate. Well done man! Arnaud Le Texier (Cocoon, Safari Electronique): Ton track est bien produit un peu trop d'effets en repeat je trouve pour un track dans ce style. mais c'est bien fait pour la moderne Rnb :). Guilhem Monin (Colors, Hotwaves): J'aime bien le morceau dans l'ensemble. Mon conseil, d'essayer de faire en sorte que ce soit plus fluid et donc plus accessible. C'est peut etre ce que tu recherches, et a ce moment la laisse le comme ca. Mark-Henning (Soma): Really really nice track :). Amazing production :)
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