Hope is existence

Various Artists

Monday, November 26th 2012 Catalogue: MVCD01 Genre: Deep House, Down Tempo, Minimal, Techno
Multi Vitamins record label presents their first unmixed CD compilation called "Hope is existence", compiled by Edouard Darracq. This compilation contains 10 exclusive cuts by 10 different artists under these following genres: down tempo, deep house, minimal, techno and electronica. The talented DJs and producers that have been selected for this compilation, have already released music on Multi Vitamins in the past, and therefore represent in the best possible way the musical journey of the record label. The CD compilation features tracks from A Secret Invention, Billbaou Quamba, Bip Soup, Doudou Malicious, Gregorythme, Jason Glanville, Jonas Sella, Miro Pajic, Phoiod, Sebastian Russell.
Track Listing
Billbaou Quamba - When Sunlight Comes
Jason Glanville - The Space Between The Sheets
Gregorythme - Gone
Doudou Malicious - Hope Is Existence Feat. Cult With No Name
Sebastian Russell - Seduction
Phoiod - 1991
Bip Soup - Bolt
Miro Pajic - Body Language
Jonas Sella - Dante Sagesse
A Secret Invention - The Range
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