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Monday, January 02nd 2006 Catalogue: mV 01 Genre: Minimal
After two years of sonic experimentations, minimalistic laboratory down 
in a basement of a Shoreditch bar (East London), showcasing an impressive range 
of electronic music styles, Multi Vitamins is proud to announce the flowering
 up of its recording arm.

 MuLti Vitamins records’ first 12” is released on mV 01, which ranges
 from warm-up beats to dancefloor tracks rich of intricate minimal structures, is
 featured by some of the main artists, dance masters of the label’s nights 
Mark Henning, Katzo, Sebastian Russell and eKkohaus.

 Mark Henning’s Token Node is an inviting, deep track with catchy grooves,
slickbass stubs and a hypnotising chord that shifts along the track. This is a
very enjoyable cut of brain funk action. 

Katzo delivers an up-tempo yet dark and hypnotic minimal production, full of 
rhythmic variations, crackling effects and short edits. Katzo's world lies 
somewhere, between deep dub and minimal techno.

 On the flip side, Sebastian Russell surprises the listener with his minimal funk 
impregnated of clicks and cuts, clever chords and deep bass lines, accompanied
by the vocal samples of Charles Bukowski's poem, which tells the story of a
 woman slamming the door and ending it ‘all dirty bitch’. 

Some of Bruce Nauman's most disturbing video pieces inspired eKkohaus to create
‘Kill Bruce Nauman’, minimal structured house characterized by obscure vocal
 samples, staccato snares, clicks and dubby pads.

 (With the first spread out of promotional copies), mV 01 has already gained the
 attention and very positive feedbacks from high-profile producers such as Argy, Bruno Pronsato, Cabanne, Matias Kaden and Michael Stravostrand.

 Waiting for further vitamins injections, you can listen to the EP samples on
Track Listing
Mark-Henning - Token Node
Katzo - Disconsolate
Sebastian Russell - Slam The Door
EKkohaus - Kill Bruce Nauman
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